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As a PMA we recognise the importance of being a law-abiding community and encourage the establishment of a visible Lawful presence in the community which Lawfully conducts its duties. To achieve this, TLN aims to establish an equitable framework that upholds the rights of the people as individuals and as a community. Examples of achieving this can be done via establishing a Peace Constables Service, Lawful Observers presence, Common Law Courts and Equitable interventions. 

The four main tentants of common law are ;-



We are exploring whether this could be of interest for TLN members.


There are options for people to settle disputes;
If someone chooses, settling a dispute could be done Privately via Mediation and where needed include Arbitration involvement. If not settled after Arbitration, the dispute could then proceed to a 'Private Equity Court'.

Here is an example of what is being implemented in Australia.


More information can be found at:

Do  no  Harm 

Commit no Fraud

Cause no Loss 

Keep the Peace.

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