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-farming & community-


We are members of the community wanting to bring together Farmers & Community. To create bridge of mutual support where there is commitment from people to buy produce directly from the farmers so that the farmers can become independent and not tied to government or supermarket regulations. In so doing this would provide a sound solution for any unexpected food shortages and empower the local collective of people and farmers to regain their autonomy. Giving growers and farmers freedom to be able to produce and sell their products in line with nature and the seasons, with the security and knowledge that they will be supporting their community as their community will be supporting them through purchasing their products, thus creating mutual respect where both needs are met.

Much of our lives are controlled through governments & corporations, seemingly to gain control of our land and consequently the food we are supplied with. Therefore it is up to us to stop this happening and create our own system that is in harmony & cooperation with each other, and with nature.



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